We offer plastic / PE, PP / and biodegradable / PLA / coating.

Thanks to 10years of practice in coating, we undertake the service of refining various types of paper, cardboard and cartons (white, brown, gray and coated) with different grammage by applying layer of PE or PLA barrier. Our experience allows us to apply coating on almost every cardboard surface, evenly and without losing adhesion. Due to the large selection of packing materials and those for the production of disposable dishes, we provide service on certified materials.

We perform our coating service by extrusion from role to role. It involves extruding the film directly onto a paper. For extruding the film, granules are used, which passing through the appropriate stages of melting and pressing it directly onto the cardboard. In this way, both raw materials are permanently integrated with each other, thanks to which the paper obtains barrier from the coating side to moisture, fats and odors.

The width of the band we can cover is the minimum of 560mm and the maximum of 1260mm. Depending on the desired effect, client can choose between mat or gloss effect. As we use reliable sources for raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and safe for the final recipient, our service can be used for many types of products intended for the food sector and more.